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:: Wordless Wednesday ::
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 8:11 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Why people love when they are afraid of being dump ?
Why people left someone that love them so much because of some reason that didn't make sense ?
Why people make somebody love them and then dump them like trash ?

I know what he's been hiding from me now.
He just AFRAID to love someone that may left him like trash.
And now, he make the same thing that he don't want to be happened to him.
I accept now.
Maybe you DON'T DESERVE someone like me.
Maybe you deserve someone like yourself.
Maybe then you will know how i felt when you left me like trash.

And if you read this, i don't give a fucking damn about it.
You have feeling.
You just won't admit it.
Till then, i hope u happy with your future that you make for yourself.
I going to move on with this UNFEELING HEART that you make me.
Behold the new you inside of me.
And only YOU can undo that.
Not anyone else.


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